Twitter Audience Boost

Build a targeted active audience with no tedious manual work

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Reach your market's influencers audience

Your market's influencers have already built impressive audiences that really care about the topic. Tap into those existing audiences to get an incredible stream of relevant followers.

Attract just the best prospects

Make use of battle-tested filtering rules that resulted in the best rate of new follows. Stop losing your time with prospects that never convert.

Leave things on auto-pilot and get new followers every day

Or bots work hard so you don't have to. Just tell them what to look for, and that's it from you. They'll then make sure you get a daily stream of new organic followers.


We make sure the speed of followings flies bellow twitter's radar. That's why you don't see any get-thousands-of-new-followers-quick promises here. This is all about slow and steady winning the race.

How it works

You set the rules for the audience you want to reach

You can set influencers to tap into their existing audiences and filter prospects based on keywords. There are more technical filters already in place to increase your chances of success, but you don't have to deal with them.

Our bots run daily to approach your selected prospects

Our bots use the best tactic of the market: make your account follow the best prospects. This typically results in a 10% conversion rate. The problem with that tactic is that it's too time-consuming. Except here, where our bots do all the work for you, so you get an unfair advantage.

Rinse and repeat to reach even bigger audiences

You can adjust your rules at any time, and add or rotate more influencers, for a never-ending stream of new prospects. Your pipeline of not-yet-approached prospects won't be affected by any of the new changes, so your audience will just keep increasing more and more.